Programming in C

This is a set of notes on Programming in C. They were originally prepared as plain ASCII files using a private set of nroff macros and have now been converted to HTML.

Most of the small programming examples are available on-line. Just select the link about the program and then use your WWW browser's ability to save pages in a local file.

  1. Chapter 1 Introduction
  2. Chapter 2 Programming with Integers
  3. Chapter 3 Arithmetic
  4. Chapter 4 Data Types
  5. Chapter 5 Loops and Conditions
  6. Chapter 6 Addresses, Arrays, Pointers and Strings
  7. Chapter 7 Functions and Storage Management
  8. Chapter 8 The Pre-Processor and Standard Libraries
  9. Chapter 9 Command Line Arguments and File Handling
  10. Chapter 10 Structures, Unions and Typedefs
  11. Chapter 11 Separate Compilation of C Modules
  12. Chapter 12 Efficiency, Economy and Portability

There are various other sources of information available on-line. If you are really interested in the C programming language you should

  1. Read the comp.lang.c newsgroup
  2. Obtain and read the comp.lang.c FAQ
  3. Study the submissions to the International Obfuscated C Code Contest